Saturday, June 30, 2007

JOURNAL 6/30/2007

Worked from 9:30 until 6:00. Saw a beautiful King Snake in front of Coulter Lodge. Ashly Riley and Katy gage came up to visit Sarah in the morning and stayed until after lunch. Barbecue at the Shirleys for dinner. Talked with dad briefly on the phone. He called to tell me that Don Parker wanted the metal I had piled up above the boat house out at the lake , and I told him he could have it.

JOURNAL 6/29/2007

Worked from 7:00 until 5:00. In the evening met Dick Beggs in Pine Cove. He had told me about a friend of his who wanted to get rid of an old propane grill. He and I went over to their house and retrieved the grill. It is certainly used, but appears to be in good enough working condition. Saw two deer in the north end of camp in the afternoon. Read U.S. News and World report before falling asleep.


If you had to go without either socks or underpants for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



JOURNAL 6/27/2007

Worked from 6:45 until 5:45, with a short break in the afternoon. Sarah went to Palm Springs for a doctor's appointment for Jack and Nancy watched Bowden and Lucy while I worked. Lisa tagged along with Sarah and they had dinner at the Yard House before coming back up the hill. Had a wonderful staff Bible Study in the evening. Long days and grumpy Jack have Sarah and I feeling very tired.

JOURNAL 6/26/2007

Worked from 6:45 until 5:45. Nanny left for home after dinner as she has to report for jury duty in the morning. Nancy has agreed to watch the kids tomorrow while Sarah goes to Palm Springs with Jack. Finished "The Long Walk" by Slavomir Rawicz in the evening before amazing story! Jack was cranky today, but that seems to be par for the course.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

JOURNAL 6/25/2007

Worked from 6:45 until 5:45 and then again from 10:00 until 10:30 at night. Long day, but fortunately Nanny is up for a visit and to help Sarah with Jack. Jack was grumpy today, whivch Sarah blames on some Mexican food she ate. Sarah is grumpy as well, which I blame on Jack being grumpy, which in turn I blame on the aforementioned mexican food. I am in fairly good spirits today. Talked with Mom in the afternoon and got the latest report on the new Septic System out at the lake. Bowden and Lucy enjoy having Nanny up for a visit.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


An eye! An eye!
With which to spy
The wonders God has made.

In firelight
And birds in flight
His handiwork's displayed

An ear! An ear!
With which to hear
Of Christ who loves you so.

Who gave his life
In sacrifice
To make us white as snow.

A foot! A foot!
Which you should put
Upon the narrow way.

To flee from sin
And live for Him
Each and every day.

A voice! A voice!
How I'll rejoice!
How happy I will be...

To hear you say,
"Lord, come what may
Your follower I will be."

JOURNAL 6/24/2007

Sunday- went to church. After church went out to lunch at La Casita. Jack merciffuly slept through lunch, which was good because Bowden and Lucy required some policing. Talked with Rosie for a while in the afternoon. Buried the legs of the new swing set, and leveled it out. Nanny arrived in the evening for a visit of somewhat undetermined length...probably a few days. We are hoping she can stay through Wednesday when we have a doctor's appointment for Jack in Palm Springs. It would be nice to have a baby sitter for Lucy and Bowden.


At the north end of the camp a trail enters the shady arbor of towering pines and cedars and winds its way beside a boulder strewn stream for a short while before petering out after a few hundred yards. For me one of the most anticipated signs of spring in the San Jacintos is the blooming of the Western Azaleas beside that trail. I took Bowden and Lucy for a walk up there a couple of weeks ago and brought back a bouquet of them for Sarah. They are the most pleasant smelling wild flower I think I have ever encountered, and they grow so profusely up there that everything smells of azaleas- like flavored air. It's very nice.


Last Thursday, Umpa and GG surprised us by coming up for a visit and to see the new baby. They brought with them a swing set that one of their tenants had left behind. On Saturday afternoon I put it together, and today Sarah had Bowden and Lucy don aprons from the kitchen and give it a good scrub with soap and water. Bowden and Lucy love it!!! They especially enjoy the "Rocket Rider," which Bowden says makes him feel like a cowboy. Their mutual fascination with the rocket rider resulted in that being the most thoroughly scrubbed portion of the swing set. Lucy also appreciates the slide, which is at least twice as tall (and therefore twice as fun) as her old slide. Our yard has never been more fun and is increasingly becoming ideal kid habitat.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

JOURNAL 6/23/2007

Today was my day off. The summer staff hiked up to the tram today and we drove down to Banning to meet them at Sizzlers for lunch. Before meeting them at Sizzlers we helped drop off a car for them at the bottom of the tram, and did some shopping for necessaries at Target. Bowden picked out a toy with some money Umpa and G.G. gave him for his birthday. I also bought some brake pads at an auto parts store. Keith offered to help me install them. In the afternoon I put together a large swing set next to our house, which Umpa and G.G. had given to us after it was left behind by one of their tenants. They brought it up with them on Thursday when they came up for a visit and to see the baby. Bowden and Lucy "helped" me put it up. Spoke with John and Mom in the afternoon. John is heading out tomorrow for a week of camp meetings in New Hampshire, and work on the septic system at the lake house continues and is almost complete according to my report from Mom. She also read me a couple of letters that Job had written them from boot camp. It sounds like he is doing well...or as well as can be expected rather.


"Lucy, I think you look like a Tate."

"Nah...I'm cute."

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Chief Thunderbird made an appearance at Bowden's Birthday Party and distributed the popcorn balls for which he is famous throughout the San Jacinto Mountains. Chief Thunderbird, played by none other than the incomparable and good-natured Grant Jaffarian, mysteriously appeared from the surrounding forest after being summoned by our drum and led the little Indians on a deer hunt .

Using methods known only to him, Chief Thunderbird skillfully tracked the deer to a spot next to Bear Creek, where it was found browsing beneath the pines.

Upon finding the deer any semblance of an organized hunt fell away and Bowden and his friends resorted to their most primal instincts. They quickly abandoned the cheap plastic bows and arrows and used sticks, rocks and little rubber knives to bludgeon, stab and crush the poor deer. It was very Lord of the Flies and a little disturbing to watch. Bowden knew that I had put the goodie bags inside the deer so he very determinedly set about cutting a hole in it despite my suggestion that he try and shoot it with an arrow. "No Daddy that won't work!"

Eventually I pronounced the deer dead, and gathered the hunters together for a group picture.

Then I hefted the mighty buck over my shoulders and carried it back to camp.

After gutting the deer, I pulled out the goodie bags and distributed them to the very excited kiddlings. It was a successful hunt.

Unfortunately though it looked more like a gangland beating than a deer hunt, but Bowden liked it, and it was a lot of fun.

Friday, June 15, 2007


She walked the street like a hunted thing,
Or maybe she was a-hunting.
With girls like her it's hard to say
If they are predator or prey,
But to be safe, I thought it wise
To look away and close my eyes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just haven't had the time to post pictures yet, but they will be coming soon to either my site or Sarah's.


JOURNAL 6/11/07

jack was up most of the night. Planted some beet plants next to the house. I made a chicken wire cage out of the remains of our "deer" to put over them in the hopes of keeping the Ground Squirrels out. Pesky varmints! The Whites came over in the evening and brought dinner with them. Had a nice visit over dinner. Read U.S. News and World Report before bed.

JOURNAL 6/10/2007

Bowden's birthday!!! Sunday... went to church. In the evening Bowden had his birthday. A good number of kids came over for his Pow-Wow. The deer hunt was a big hit, and so was the teepee! It was a lot of fun.

JOURNAL 6/9/2007

Nanny arrived in the night while we were all asleep. Sarah and Jack passed the night in Palm Springs of course. The kids were excited to wake up and find Nanny at our house. nanny left after breakfast to go and see Sarah and Jack at the hospital. Lucy, Bowden and I drove over to the nursery and bought Sarah a couple of Hollyhock plants as a welcome home present. Bowden helped me plant them in the planter next to the house. At 11:oo I drove Bowden and Lucy down to Palm Springs and left them along with the van with nanny and Sarah. Sarah hadn't been discharged so I drove back up in Nanny's car so I could lifeguard at 1:30. On the way back up the mountain all the traffic had stopped due to a helicopter that had landed in the road. Apparently, there had been an accident and the helicopter was on scene to medivac the inujured down to the hospital from which I had just come. We waited for a long time for the troad to reopen, buyt I used the time to pick sarah some wild flowers, also as a coming home present. Sarah and Jack came home in the afternoon. The family is back together and we are struggling to find a new routine. baby Jack is a very handsome little man.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bowden, where's Lucy?

Actually, it's hard to say...She's sneaky.

Well, what is she doing?

Stealing stuff.

Stealing stuff?

Yeah, that's what she always does.

JOURNAL 6/8/2007

JACK WAS BORN AT 9:40 AM!!! Sarah woke me up at 5:30 and told me that she had been in labor for about an hour and the contractions were getting stronger and closer together. Keith and Paula Shirley came over to be with Lucy and Bowden and we drove to the hospital in Palm Springs. Later Nancy came over to relieve the Shirleys. Lisa met us at the hospital and was there to witness Jack enter the world. Sarah was amazing!!! The newest arrow in my quiver is handsome, pink and healthy. I am so happy!!! After Jack was born I drove back up to Idyllwild to fetch Bowden and Lucy. They were thrilled to meet their new baby brother. I took Bowden and Lucy out to play in the park and get some ice cream. Then we came back and looked at Jack again before going back home to take baths and go to bed. It was sad to leave Mom and Jack behind in the hospital, but we wanted to keep Bowden and Lucy as close to their normal schedule as possible. What an exciting day!!!!

JOURNAL 6/7/2007

Worked from 8 am until 4:30 pm...mostly maintenance stuff around the grounds. After work went to hemet for shopping and such. Talked with John for awhile in the afternoon. Bought Sarah a "baby" gift.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Born at 9:40 a.m. at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs

Weighing 7 lbs 8 ounces

20 1/2 inches long

Praise God who knit Him together. His handiwork is amazing!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


SR Job Tate
Division 237 Ship 10
Recruit Training Command
3301 Indiana Street
Great Lakes, IL

Let's all send him lots of mail!!!!! What do you say? Even if you don't know him terribly well. C'mon let's do it!!!!!

JOURNAL 6/6/07

Worked in the office for most of the day 8:00-5:00. In the afternoon we all loaded up the van and drove over to the church for the Awana Awards Ceremony. Bowden was an absolute pill and refused to participate while all of the other cubbies sang and recited their memory verse. He grumpily cried and sat on the stage while they were all singing and doing their dance. "Bowden, why were you so upset?" "'Cause I wanted my Mommy!" Ah well! He knows the verse though and will recite it for you flawlessly in a less intimidating forum. Still no baby, although sarah has been having strong braxton-hicks contractions off and on. Cold today at times dipping below 50 degrees, which is rare for June. I personally enjoyed it. I took a long walk in the woods before returning home after work. It feels good to exert yourself when it is so cool. Did the dishes, cleaned house, and made some final preparations for Bowden's birthday party this weekend. I have a feeling that Jack is going to time his arrival right in the middle of the birthday party.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

JOURNAL 6/5/2007

Worked from 8 am until 5 pm...mostly in the office. Nanny came up to Idyllwild in the afternoon as she had an interview for a job at the Idyllwild elementary school. She left before dinner. It grew cooler and cloudier in the afternoon as if it might rain, but didn't amount to anything in the end...maybe tomorrow. It's very dry up here and we could use the moisture. Sarah uncomfortable in the evening. She is sore and tired and ready to have the baby. Come on Jack! Let's do it tonight! Sarah and I finished work on the paper mache deer for Bowden's birthday. Listened to Chad's Podcast and read the Smithsonian Magazine before bed.


When I was a little boy I found a book on a dusty shelf in my Grandparent's home on Lake Champlain with the wildly inappropriate title "Two Little Savages" (1911, Ernest Thompson Seton). It was one of my favorite books as a boy. The book followed the adventures of two little boys who go and live in the woods as Indians. One especially memorable chapter was entitled "The Deer Hunt," wherein the boys make a crude deer out of straw, burlap and sticks. They took turns hiding it and leaving "sign" so the other boys could play at stalking and shooting it. The story inspired Sarah and I to put on a deer hunt for Bowden's upcoming birthday. The biggest challenge was actually making the deer.

I made the frame out of chicken wire, which I found laying around in the maintenance yard.

After I formed the various parts...body, legs, neck, head and snout, and wired them together, Sarah helped me apply paper mache

It took a couple of days to paper mache the deer and let it dry, but when it was all done it actually looked kind of like a deer!

Then I spray painted it. The first coat looked like it had rolled around in chocolate sauce. So we bought a more dull paint for the second coat, but it didn't end up looking much better.

After reviewing a picture in one of our field guides, I added white to the belly, rump, neck, eyes, snout, and the inside of the legs.

Sarah painted on it's eyes and snout.

...and voila! after Sarah added ears and a tail, we had a finished deer.

It's a little funny looking, but I am really pleased with how it turned out. I can't wait to see all of those "little savages" let him have it. We bought cheap plastic bows with plunger tipped arrows at target, and the best part is we'll fill it's insides with goody bags so after the hunt we can gut the deer and distribute the bounty to everyone who participated in felling the stag. I hope none of the four year olds find gutting a deer traumatic. That is my only concern.

This is where the goodies go.

I hope baby Jack is here before the party, although a new baby brother wouldn't be a bad birthday gift for Bowden.