Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is Millie. During our recent camping trip with our friends the Whites, Millie got sprayed twice by skunks in one day. As we were making breakfast Millie ran off growling into the bushes along Hurkey Creek, and returned wearing Eau De Skunk.
Poor dog.
That night as we were sitting around the fire Millie returned from a sortie into the night, and she stank overpoweringly of skunk. We knew that it takes tomato sauce to remove skunk funk, but all we had that was tomato based was a can of spaghettios with meatballs.
Millie and I will never be the same, but the spaghettios worked surprisingly well.

Poor Millie.

Ours was not a pass-happy west coast offense... we pretty much just stuck to the run.

Friday, June 27, 2008


They were powerful words and spoken well
Properly weighted as they fell
Through funnel ears and down the spout
Flowing, crashing, swirling about
Stirring up the sediment sin
Layered deep over the years within
And O that rising flood of grace
Overflowed as tears upon my face
As through the sobs He heard me say
"Please, O Lord, wash my sins away."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Dear Bowden,

I recently heard someone at work say they were "green" with envy about something. Later the same day I heard someone remark that someone was "green" on the job. What on earth did they mean?

Sincerely, Confused and wondering (I will be "blue" until I hear back from you!)

Dear Confused,

Maybe they were wearing a green shirt.

Sincerely, Bowden

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yesterday morning Bowden asked, "Is it Redskins season yet?" I told him, "no." Then he said, "I wish it was." I asked him why and he said, "Cause it's exciting...oh yeah, I like Ro-Tel too!" That's my boy!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


“What are you?” asked Kick.

The tiny man said nothing. He just stared straight ahead with a strange expression on his face.

Kick didn’t know what to do. He felt that he should do something, but he was confused and things were progressing too quickly for him to respond in a collected way. Without thinking it through fully he suddenly blurted out, “If you try to get away I’ll smash you!” With his free hand he raised his fist in a threatening gesture.

The tiny man’s eyes met Kick’s with a level gaze that communicated a naked but impotent hatred. The fear had apparently left him, and he stared at Kick defiantly from within the dead bass.

“Are you a leprechaun?” asked Kick “I mean do I get a wish or whatever?”

This made the tiny man laugh, a thin raspy laugh, more contemptuous than amused.

“What would you wish for?” asked the man with a voice so small that kick had to lean in closer and ask him to repeat himself.

“What would you wish for?” asked the man a second time. “…if I were a Leprechaun.”

“I knew it! You’re a leprechaun. I can’t believe this is really happening!” said Kick, suddenly beaming triumphantly.

With a strange halting accent the tiny man said “No, I am not a Leprechaun, but I think I may have been sent to offer you something of great value. It's nothing you want, but it is what you need.”

Kick didn’t like riddles. “What do you mean you were sent to me?” and “What are you gonna give me?”

"Offer..." the little man corrected.

He suddenly closed his eyes, bowed his head, and began speaking in a tongue that Kick didn’t recognize. “Are you praying? Asked Kick. The little man ignored his question and continued praying.

After a few moments, thelittle man opened his eyes and looked at Kick. “It wouldn’t do me any good to escape so I won’t try. If you treat me well and keep me a secret I’ll explain everything to you.”

“Just remember…I’ll smash you.” Said Kick.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Happy anniversary Sarah!!!


Those doughnuts with the white powder all over on them
Tootsie Roll Pops & Dum-Dums
Butterscotch Hard Candies
Hard candies in general
(But especially butterscotch)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


When it comes to the pursuit of the opposite sex I think that most men and women can be divided into two broad categories that I call wolves and trophy hunters.
Wolves survey the herd looking for the low hanging fruit- the sick, malnourished, injured, etc... The wolf looks for weakness and exploits it.
Trophy hunters pursue the best. They doggedly pursue their prize, they wait patiently passing up lesser animals, until they bring down that one...the best. They look for excellence and pursue it.
She walked the street like a hunted thing
Or maybe she was a-hunting
With girls like her it's hard to say
If they are predator or prey
(an excerpt from "My Days as a Gel Tech")


Knowing that I am fascinated with all things Bigfoot, Sarah ordered "The Sasquatch Gang" for me through netflix. I thought it was going to be stupid, but it ended up surpassing all expectations, and I would like to officially announce that it is now my new favorite movie.
Simply put- it is a must see!
The only negative thing I have to say about the film is that the character of Dr. Artimus Snodgrass, as played by Carl Weathers, was a distractingly poor. That needed a complete overhaul- get rid of Carl and revamp the character.
At first I thought they were borrowing a little (thematically speaking) from Napoleon Dynamite, but once I realized that the film was made by the same people I was able to look past that. This movie was way better than Napoleon Dynamite, and I am really surprised that I never heard of it.
Rent this movie at the earliest opportunity!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


"What's up, dude?"
The Village Market

"There's no way I'm gonna buy a another bus pass this year. It really pisses me off!"
Guaranty Bank

"So how long has your son been in Iraq?"
Post Office

"Gas is $4.69 up here!"
Outside the Greek Place Restaurant

"Cindy! We're up here!"
The Fort

Friday, June 06, 2008


The Western Tates are looking forward to a visit from Steve Maxon in July. Airfare has been purchased- he is really coming!!! We are sooooo stoked!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yesterday, I sat down with Keith and advised him that I was feeling led to pursue some more schooling, possibly a masters program, and that, although I may try and do this through an online program while continuing to work at camp, this could also mean that the Tates will be exiting the ministry at Camp Maranatha sometime in the near future.

I am tremendously excited about the way that the Lord has been directing me and Sarah, and I feel confident that this is what the Lord is calling us to do next, but how, when, and where are still the subject of much fervent prayer.

I feel that it would be wildly irresponsible to go into debt in pursuit of these goals so staying at Camp for a time while enrolling in an online program might not be a bad option, but increasingly I am becoming aware that my gifts and passions don't intersect with Camp, and that ultimately God is preparing me for something else. I want to do right by camp, and that may mean leaving so they can find someone who has more of a heart for this ministry.

Whatever is coming down the pipe I have total confidence that God will direct and supply, and I would appreciate your prayers as I seek Him for clarity, direction, and provision.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"The party that can't lose is going to nominate a candidate that can't win, and the party that can't win has nominated a candidate that can't lose."

Dick Morris (paraphrased) on MSNBC 6/2/2008 speaking about Obama and McCain


Much of our play consisted of avoiding and escaping from dinosaurs, who were somehow allied with the Grift. We also had to gather leaves to make beds for the Widjiwats, especially one who was pregnant. Lucy was particularly concerned about her. Eventually we had to cross a big river (our driveway) and make camp on the other side to get away from the dinosaurs. Apparently our garden is experiencing something of a dinosaur infestation. Then we gathered chunks of asphalt to build a wall around the camp. Bowden gathered some pretty choice leaves to fashion a bed for the pregnant Widjiwat, and then it was time to come in for dinner.
The whole thing felt very "Land of the Lost." As I type all of the Widjiwats are resting comfortably in my desk drawer, and the rage of the dinosaurs without is rendered impotent by the sturdy walls of our home. Sleep tight little Widjiwats. Sleep tight my children.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Kick stood his rod against a nearby tree, and, beer in hand, walked a short distance into the woods to take a piss. As he relieved himself against the base of a tree he suddenly became aware of a crashing noise above him. Glancing up he saw a large object spinning end over end and falling straight toward his upturned face. Kick took a step back, falling over a root, and spilling his beer. Urine soaked through his sweatpants darkening the inside of his left thigh as he fell awkwardly onto his butt. The object, which Kick instantly recognized as a largemouth bass, landed with a thud a short distance in front of him.

Kick sat on his butt, legs out in front of him, and arms braced behind him. His beer was draining silently into the forest litter as he stared at the fish. "What in the world!," he muttered.

As Kick stood up he held his urine-soaked pants away from his leg. Kick examined the bass more closely and noticed what looked like talon marks along its back. Kick estimated that the bass weighed between three and four pounds, no record breaker, but still a pretty healthy bass. As Kick sized up the fish he noticed something strange, there was something moving under the scales. It looked to kick like there was something inside the fish that was trying to get out. Occasionally, parts of the fish near the abdomen would bulge and then fall away as though something were poking and pushing it from the inside. Just as Kick was about to get his knife from the tacklebox and solve the mystery himself, the abdomen bulged and something succeeded in poking a small hole through the scales. Air or gas or something escaped through the tiny hole with a faint fluttering sound. After a brief rest, whatever was trapped inside began enlarging the hole. It worked feverishly at first slashing and hacking at the fish, but then it settled into a slower more effective rhythm.

"What in the world!," Kick said wonderingly, and as he did the creature stopped working. Kick watched for another minute or two, but it didn't resume its cutting rhythm. Whatever it was had obviously heard him, Kick reasoned, and must feel safer inside the fish than outside with him. Overwhelmed with curiosity, Kick ran to his tackle box, retrieved his knife, and and then ran back to the fish. The best he could figure was that some sort of rodent like a mouse, chipmunk or a small rat had been swallowed whole by the bass and was now gnawing its way out. Kneeling down on his knees, he made shallow cuts along the abdomen, and peeled back the skin with his fingers to reveal an exhausted looking, frightened little man.

"What in the world!," said Kick.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


"Here's a nametag and pen so everybody'll know who you are."
Idyllwild Bible Church

"I gave her a thousand dollar bill, but she lost it!"
Fairway Market

"I know, I know, I need to stop blaming myself."
Parking Lot

"I Like the beard, Bear!"
Post Office

"Let me know about Sex and the City, Okay?"
Post Office

The Red Kettle Restaurant