Saturday, December 30, 2006

Second Quarter of Super Bowl XXII

...simply known as the quarter.
Darrell Green

I wish #28 would come out of retirement. Watching this video just transports me back to the glory days, and when he comes out of nowhere at a full sprint to take Dorsett down it makes me want to cry a little.
The Play

Here's to happier days.

Snow on Highway 243

This past Wednesday we had three groups coming up to the camp from the Cerritos area. Due to unfortunate timing all three groups started up the mountain during a freak Snow Storm and got stuck about five miles from camp. I spent the better part of the evening driving back and forth in our Explorer (which has four wheel drive) to rescue the campers and their gear. Nobody out here has winter tires and the road crews don't respond with as much vigor and experience. Plus the motorists aren't snow savvy. In all we got about 4-6 inches in an hour.The storm lacked the endurance of one from the northeast, but it was a pretty furious hour.


Tonight's game against the NY Giants marks the last Redskins game of 2006. Ughhh! Just a nauseating season! I am glad though that the Giant's playoff hopes are riding on this game. I'm glad there is some reason to be passionate about it. The skinz have a chance to play the spoiler... after all misery loves company. Here's to hoping that 2007 will pan out differently, and that I will enjoy Rotel and chips well into 2008.

"It's been a long December
And there's reason to believe
That maybe this year
Will be better than the last."
Counting Crows



Friday, December 29, 2006


This will be a recurring post on the Wing and Wave. You will be presented with two locations or establishments and you have to choose which one you would select to find your future spouse at- as though you can only select your spouse from the folks who visit that location.

Todays options are:

Barnes & Noble


The Public Library

Thursday, December 28, 2006


It snowed yesterday, and today I went for a walk on Camp Maranatha's new nature trail, which meanders from the A-frame past Dead Man's Cave and then down to Bear Creek. We plan to extend it up onto the western ridge beyond the gully this summer.

I love the snow and cold temperatures. It reminds me of the 802. Sarah dislikes these things for the same reason.

A full moon shines
Through shivering pines
Casting a steady glow
On me as I talk
With her and walk
Through shadow-dappled snow.

The woods at night
Are black and white,
And strangely silent as though
They're not quite sure
Of me and her-
Are we friend or are we foe?
Everclear: Everything to Everyone

Oh, I love this song!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


They were powerful words and spoken well
Properly weighted as they fell
Through funnel ears and down the spout
Flowing, crashing, swirling about-
Stirring up the sediment sin
Layered deep over the years within
And, oh, that rising flood of grace
Overflowed as tears upon my face
And through the sobs He heard me say
Please, oh Lord, wash these sins away!

Saturday, December 23, 2006


This morning as I was pan frying some sausages for breakfast Bowden came running in and proudly announced "Daddy...Daddy...I dressed myself... all by myself." I glanced down and observed that he was wearing a pair of swimming trunks and nothing else. I glanced out the window at the snow on the ground, and then back atBowden. "Good job Bowden... give me five!" Then I picked him up and asked "So, what are you gonna do today?" and he answered "Collect my dreams."

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jack Benny

When we were boys my Dad would buy us tapes of old time radio programs. Jack Benny was always my favorite.
Jack Benny

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

SoCal Trip

Why did he have to swear? Ruined the whole thing.


I thought I should post something for my adoring public (shades of Job coming through?), but I have been a little busy, and will continue to be for some time. So posts may be a little few and far between.

I had a pretty sweet vacation back east. Seeing the Liberty bell and Independence hall was nearly a religious experience for me, and of course being back in the 802 was outstanding ass well. I will make no effort to exhaustively document my travels here on this blog. That strikes me as a lot of hard work and also boring for you- my adoring public.


In the game "Settlers of Catan", when playing with the expansion pack, is it ever possible for a player to win the game in advance of his/her turn during the "special build" portion of the game or must he/she wait for her turn to declare victory even if he/she has accumulated the necessary number of points during the aforementined "special build"?

I will be sending this query to the makers of the game and will keep you posted with regards to their response.