Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So Josh is scheduled to take back over real soon, which is a good thing for a few reasons: my almost-constant travels (9,000 miles driven in the last two months) will soon become entirely constant (1,200 miles of driving over the next seven days); his strict policy against performance enhancement on his blog has been interfering with my Bobberball training; and, most obviously, because nobody does it better!

Anyway, I appreciated this opportunity to serve you here, but I do have some regrets. For example, here are the Top Five Things I Wish I'd Had Time To Post!

An "Overheard" from my visit to Roberts Wesleyan College, consisting of nothing but beastly grunts, plaintive howls, and gnashing of teeth.

4. Just one installment of "Kick" where something rotten doesn't happen to the poor guy. You know, maybe he could go bowling or something, maybe have a slice, pick up a crazy spare. Let him forget those Widjiwats for a bit. Or maybe eat one. By accident.

A handwritten letter to Dan Snyder, purportedly from Job Tate, offering Seabee assistance to build a bridge from the Red Zone to the End Zone.

2. Seasonally appropriate (Photoshopped?) shots of a showering Josh Tate enjoying a steaming mug of hot cider, to the further chagrin of his female audience and Lisa Richard.

And the #1 Thing I Wish I'd Had Time To Post.....

Little Josh Tate Meets Mr. Ben Gleason (the illustrated version).

That's it! From here on out, I'll see you in the comments section. Hutela!


barefootkangaroo said...

I really wish you had. I love me some Steve Maxon. In all sincerity, I have never enjoyed my own blog as much as this past week.

lisa d said...

does number two mean that i'm a man? looks like i've got some soul-searching to do.