Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I know Josh said that the last pair of shoes he put up here were the last in his closet, but after some digging, I discovered he was holding out on us! Behold, the final pair!!

Purchased at a Palm Springs Payless on the advice of pushy assistant manager Ron, these classy gold Merona pumps don't make it out of the closet very often -- but when they do, you know it's gonna be a special occasion! Maybe an anniversary dinner, a sermon at Idyllwild Baptist, or just a late-night cabin visit to quiet down the rowdy youth of the Evangelical Formosan Church of D.C.! These pumps can do it all, and what they do, they do with an understated, graceful elegance that, quite frankly, has come to embody Josh's entire wardrobe.

With the recent failure of so many of Josh's trusted friends, could we be seeing more of these tasty talarias? One can only hope -- because shoes like this make a statement! "I may be a harried father of four, studying for the ministry in my meager spare time, but sometimes . . . I just wanna be a pretty, pretty princess."


barefootkangaroo said...


MomZup said...

It is hard to type when I am laughing so hard. This was the best post ever! I am so pleased to finally see he inherited some of my excellent taste in shoes! Wish he had the same taste in friends, Steve!

sarah said...

Everyone knows that Merona pumps are from Target, Steve.

And Josh won't buy shoes from Target.

Steve said...

Yeah, it turns out these were the shoes my sister got married in! Who knew? I'm just glad I used the word "pumps" correctly.