Friday, August 14, 2009


For those who have been following the unfolding drama that is my footwear ("Who are they gonna kill off next?") this is going to be an exciting installment. For this is the end of the line. There are no more pairs of shoes languishing in the back of the closet. It has taken me nearly a year, but finally we have arrived at that pair of shoes which I wear less than any other. In fact, I have only ever worn this pair once. I bought these shoes four years ago when my Grandma Tate passed away. Sarah decided that my beloved Dexters , the late dexters, weren't nice enough for such an occasion so I benched them in favor of this rookie, and they have not separated foot from pavement since. Although their career isn't over you could say that up until now they have been kind of a one hit wonder. They're a little stiff and uncomfortable. They do that thing where they cut into the bottom of my ankle and the back of my achilles. I actually like how they look though. They remind me of the shoes my Dad always wore when I was growing up. It's the decorative flair over the toe. My Dad's always had that too, and I like that. Although they are definitely at the bottom of the depth chart I also like knowing that they are there in the event that a classier shoe is called for.

"Get in there uncomfortable dress shoes! Show me what you got, kid!"

COMING SOON... a group shot with all of my surviving footwear.


Bali Top Holidays said...

baby is always cute...

barefootkangaroo said...

Thank you, Bali Top Holidays!