Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am a little concerned that my list of must-read bedtime books has a decidedly masculine slant to it, and will likely be better received by Bowden than by Lucy. Could any of you ladies (or Fathers of ladies) counter balance my tastes by suggesting a few books that would be especially interesting to a little girl, and which I could sprinkle into my list. Sarah has given me some good suggestions.


Sherry said...

If my memory servers me right Both my son and daughter loved the little house books. (or is that me)?:) They also liked the Indian in the cupboard. It has been a long time. As I recall tag stories were the best.

Tate said...

Understood Betsy by Dorthy Canfield Fisher (be prepared to cry)

The Penderwicks by Jean Birdsall (wait a couple of years for this one)

The Return of the the Twelves

All of the Narnia books

Heidi (the unabridged version)

Snow Treasure

alexae said...

I second the Narnia books, some of my other favorites were How Fletcher was Hatched, Alice in Wonderland, The Oz series, The Secret Garden, and Wind in the Willows, also a new one; Stardust by Neil Gaiman (I guess I like a lot of girly adventure books).