Friday, October 10, 2008


"We went camping in the living room,
And, though there were no woods,
Imagination supplied the trees
And made it just as good.

While Daddy pitched the tent
Mom lit a fire in the fireplace,
Which cast an orange glow
On the tent and Mommy's face."
The night of the big campout finally arrived, and boy were Bowden and Lucy excited about it. Bowden kept saying, "This is the best night we've have ever had in this house."

The kids ran around for a long time making merry and soaking up the novelty of the evening and the undivided attention of Mommy and Daddy.

Sarah found some nature sounds on the computer, and so we were serenaded by crickets as we roasted marshmallows over a roaring pine fire.

After the marshmallows we herded the two excited little campers into the tent and I read the final two chapters of "King of the Wind," which is the book I have been reading them at bedtime for the past week or so. By the time I got to the last page both of them had conked out. I'll have to tell them what happened tomorrow morning.

Sarah and I sat up by the fire talking for a while.

...and then Sarah went up to our bed and I am about to crawl into the tent.
Going to sleep is the worst part about camping out... or is it camping in? I'm confused.
Good night!


MomZup said...

What a wonderful slew of memories for Bowden and Lucy! There was no mention of camper Jack so am assuming he, like Sarah, enjoyed his own bed.

Tate said...


alexae said...

when you already live in the woods I think that the indoor variety of camping is just as good sometimes (especially when it really starts to get cold) :)

Liana said...

you two are too much fun! I'd love to come camp at your place!