Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Since Bowden was born back in 2003 I have a written a number of lullabies for my children. I have no illusions about the quality of my singing voice, but I decided to share them with you, my adoring fans, anyway. My kids seem to like them and that is all that matters I guess. I'm their Daddy, and though I am decidedly tone deaf, they still seem to enjoy my humble efforts. I tell them that Widjiwats write the songs, so I will title this recurring feature "Widjiwat Lullabies." Unfortunately blogger won't let me post audio recordings so the only way to do it is by video. Pretty boring video I'm afraid. I'll try to spice them up in future installments.

I wrote this first lullaby, Plip Plop Raindrop, while Bowden was still in the womb. He came into the world nearly two weeks past his due date. I was still working for the police department back then so I would drive around on patrol working out the kinks in this song while I waited for water to break or some other development. I remember singing Plip Plop Raindrop to a very irate young man one night on the way to the correctional center. As I recall he didn't enjoy it much. I can't blame him, after all, I didn't particularly enjoy listening to him either. The lullaby was ready to go when Bowden was finally induced on June 10th. Maybe I'll try and talk Sarah into singing some of these songs for me.


Plip plop raindrop, falling on my rooftop
Plip-plip-plop will it ever stop?

Peep peep peepers peeping by the pond
Peepers peeping an evening song.

Splish splash big bass jumping in the lake
Splitting the silence of daybreak

Whack whack lumberjack chopping down a tree
Maple, pine, walnut, hickory

Rip tear black bear diggin for some grubs
Mamas got to feed her hungry cubs

Pitter pat kitty cat running to her dish
She's hoping for some tuna fish

Crash! boom! Raccoon digging through the trash
When the dogs are out it's not so brash.


Nathanael said...

When is the cd coming out

barefootkangaroo said...

As soon as i get soem voice lesson. I owe you an apology, Nathanael. Your knife is still sitting in my office. I'll try and get it in the mail to you today.

steve said...

That picture belongs on the back of a thick book, with the addition of a smoking jacket, perhaps a pipe.

Joshua Bowden Tate, modern-day alchemist, one-time naturist, and lover of all things woolen, lives with his family in a log cabin hewn from the surrounding pines of the San Jacinto mountain range. After years of living off discarded bottles and cans, Tate worked as a police officer in northwestern Vermont, where he singlehandedly ended the city's battle with crime. Many believe he is, in fact, a minotaur.

Liana said...

this is my favorite post.
lovely, song, Josh... and your voice isn't as bad as you wrote of it!