Friday, October 03, 2008


Up at 5:00 and out the door for my Thursday morning men's study. Worked from 9:00 until 4:00 doing mostly maintenance work. Stopped by the Inn before lunch to see their new units. They look really nice. Sarah spent a good part of the morning hanging out with Emily over at her house. After lunch, Bowden and Lucy came and helped me for a while at work. It was picture day for Lucy at preschool as well as for Bowden's soccer team. That's why Lucy is wearing that cute little dress. She's adorable.

Before getting back to work, Lucy, Bowden and I picked Mommy some wild roses from the edge of the gully. They were very aromatic.
When I went into the office to fill the little vase with water, Bowden found a walking stick outside, and very carefully brought it in to show me. I have seen walking sticks many times, but they always amaze me. They truly do! Just amazing.
"God cammouflaged it, Daddy." "That's right, Bowden."

Then I drove around and emptied the big trash cans throughout the grounds. Here I am with my pack of Trash Hounds.
I've done this lots of times with Bowden. We like to play a game where we pretend that he is a trained "Trash Hound." I always call Bowden out of the truck with lots of excited whistles and then he runs around frenziedly checking trash cans. If he finds a can that is more than half full he points and begins barking to alert me. Then I run up, trash bag in hand, and say "Whatya got boy!" Lucy is new to the pack, but I'm starting to train her too. She shows promise and I think she'll make a fine trash hound someday. She's got that killer instinct.
"C'mon back boy!"
"C'mon Lucy!"

We had a our junior high small group over in the evening for our weekly gathering. I really enjoyed our time together. Fell asleep on the couch before stumbling up to bed at approximately 3:30.



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Sandy said...

these are life-long skills.