Friday, January 22, 2010


We woke up this morning to a heap of snow, which continued to fall throughout the day, and even now is softly swishing against the window as I type.
Not only is snow wonderful, which it truly is, but the wonder of waking up to a world transformed was magnified by the news that Bowden's school canceled classes today. He was positively giddy. Unfortunately, the snow and the arrival of two groups here at the camp made extra work for me, which largely prevented me from enjoying the snow holiday with him. I did take a break from work in the afternoon though to go sledding with Bowden and Lucy. Camp Maranatha has an awesome sledding hill! It's a little too scary for Lucy though.

I like this picture. Sarah is such a good Mom.
Our little mon-chichi (sp?) slave was tasked with clearing the driveway.
Lucy likes the idea of snow, and will lobby hard for sledding and building snow men and such, but without fail, five to ten minutes into it her fingers are cold, she wants cocoa, her bottom is soggy, there's snow in her boot, she wants to be carried, etc... All of that is captured in the little face above.
"Get back to work, slave!"


MomZup said...

Great post Josh! Tell that little mon chichi that he should be emancipated to Vermont. Great pictures!

sarah said...

You're cute.

Roxanna/Aunt Roxanna/Aunt Roxie said...

I remember winter retreats at Camp Maranatha - always great - especially when the snow came AFTER we got up the mountain. Sorry it meant work for you but bet those attending were just delighted!