Saturday, January 23, 2010


The famous Southern California sun made its return today, and the blue skies, sparkling snow, and crisp air made for a picture perfect day here in Idyllwild.
The gully which runs through the middle of the camp is absolutely perfect for sledding. It forms a big "U". The slope on the eastern side is much steeper than that on the western side.
Here are some of our campers shooting down one of the steepest inclines.

This guy is absolutely crazy. He made his way to the dining hall this morning in shorts and flip-flops. We don't have shoveled pathways so he waded through a foot and a half of snow like that, and then later I saw him sledding in shorts and a t-shirt.

This is a very poor shot of Sarah and Lucy wiping out.
Here they are a little dazed afterwards and checking themselves out to make sure everything still functions as it ought.

Snow angels.


MomZup said...

Wow, that guy in shorts in the snow. That rivals Job's 5 minutes in our garage buck naked! Great pictures of what looks like a wonderful time. Be careful for injuries from those icicles. We see some pretty bad ones in the ER!

lisa d said...

he put some pants on before dinner- i hassled him a little bit.

sarah said...

My snow angel had a rather large bottom.