Sunday, January 03, 2010


Yesterday morning, Sarah and I loaded the kids into the minivan and drove to the desert. More specifically, we drove down to "The Living Desert" in the city of Palm Desert. (Excessive use of the word, "desert?") The Living Desert is a zoo which specializes in showcasing flora and fauna from deserts around the world. Lucy gets carsick very easily. We were nearly down the mountain when her tummy went into full revolt and forced our party off into this scenic pullout. Just as well, it was nice to thaw out in the sun and take in the view of the desert cities. (The word "desert" occurs 7 times in the above paragraph. Just in case you were curious.)
The Living Desert is small as far as zoos go, but their exhibits are top shelf. I was fine with the Living Desert's size as I'm not much of a zoo person. Sarah and the kids love them though.
I thought the giraffes against the backdrop of the mountains was an especially striking exhibit.

Check out this specimen of the Ankole Cattle from Africa. Their horns are massive!
Kids always love a petting zoo.

Check out these bloodthirsty desert tortoises.
I caught Lucy attempting to climb on top of the wall which encloses the tortoise exhibit, and loudly warned her that if she fell in the tortoises would attack her. She giggled, but the numerous bystanders that were present, and within earshot, didn't offer up so much as a snicker. I thought it was funnier than that.
Miles can sit up in a high chair now. That's a major milestone in the return to sanity.
Took in a wildlife show, but the only pictures worth posting were of this cerval. It was a good show though. To me, this is how the zoo should be. Bring 'em out and make 'em do stuff. None of this craning-your-neck-so-you-can-catch-a-glimpse-of-the-tip-of-a-mountain-lion's-tail stuff.

Bighorn sheep.
When did going to the zoo become like a five hour guilt trip?
Mexican wolves.
A lush oasis.


MomZup said...

This post brought back many fond memories of our trip to Palm Desert. I am impressed that you actually saw Bighorn Sheep. I don't think we ever saw any the day we went. I remember with fondness the little thatched shade shelters with water misting all around. That was a great day!

Tate Family said...

You are so right about the guilt trip. We live in a highly moralistic culture and all the finger wagging is the more depressing for being mistaken. Tiresome enviro-bullies.