Friday, January 01, 2010

Isaiah 40:11

We haven't done this in a long time, but before Miles came along, the kids and I used to get up earlier than Mommy on many mornings, and it became a favorite activity of ours to watch animal videos on youtube while we waited for the house to come fully awake. One morning we came upon this gem which depicts a mother mountain lion defending her kitten against a grizzly bear. What parent can't identify with the mountain lion? I too would fight a grizzly bear in defense of my kids, although I doubt the results would be the same. Sometimes when I take inventory of the world and the trajectory of our own culture I look around and wish there was something I could fling myself at. But we are not mountain lions. The Bible tells us that we are sheep, and as sheep our strength, and the protection of the lambs in our midst, lies in our proximity to the shepherd. My one and only resolution for 2010 is to draw nearer to the shepherd.

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