Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm looking forward to the Skins home opener against the Rams this weekend. I doubt they'll be on TV, but I just need a victory to cleanse the palate from last week's loss to the Giants. I expect that the defense, especially the secondary (I'm looking at you Deangelo Hall), is going to make a point of being a lot more aggressive. I wouldn't want to play against them this week as they have a lot to prove, and the ability to do so with panache. I think they're going to come out with some smash mouth answers to the questions raised after last weekend. I think we can look for Jason Campbell to have a better week against a mediocre defense. I predict that Malcolm Kelly will contribute more in the game plan, and the running game will have more success, this week. The Redskins' offense will "get well" in a one sided matchup verses the rams. The question is can they do it against the premier teams in the league? The next two weeks they go up against the Rams and the Lions, games they should win, but if they're going to make the postseason they will have to use these two weeks to work out the kinks and find a rhythm that will work against stiffer opposition. Let's just hope they don't lose either of their next two games.

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