Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When we lived in St Albans, Bob was our pastor at Trinity Presbyterian. Sarah and I love the Bjerkaas's because, if it weren't for Sgt Stell they would have been the only people who actually invited us to their home during the entire time we were living in St Albans. That seems unbelievable given that almost no week goes by here in Idyllwild that we don't have someone over to the house or we aren't, in turn, invited to someone elses house.

It was like sinking into bed at the end of a long day when we finally stopped bouncing around and made Trinity our church family, and I greatly appreciated the depth of Bob's teaching, their natural hospitality, and the sense that these were truly fellow pilgrims who shared our love for the Lord. When we left St Albans, Sarah said that the Bjerkaas's and the church family at Trinity were the only things she would miss about St Albans.

Well several months ago we found out that Bob and Kerrie had moved their family to Calabasas, CA where Bob is the pastor at a Presbyterian church there. We have decided to make their church where we attend when we are in the valley, as we often are. It was really good to see them and catch up a little.

Oh yeah, Bob and Kerrie are also natives of Maryland and it was nice to finally find a fellow Redskins fan (although he's admittedly more passionate about the Orioles) to talk with.

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