Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Southern contingent of Sarah's family gathered at her Uncle Tony and Aunt Marlene's house for the annual Easter celebration, which is always marked by good food and good company.
Sarah had bought the kids special Easter outfits. Lucy looked as nice as pie with her hair up and a little white dress with flowers on it. She's gonna be a heart breaker. Bowden was excited about his outfit at first, but as the day wore on and the mercury rose he wanted to strip down like a naked savage and run wild. In these photos he is barely restraining his inner Tarzan under threat of severe consequences. Sarah and I decided that the next time we dress them up we'll take the picture right away while they're still excited about it rather than waiting until they have soured. Except for the grass stains on his trousers, Bowden looked like a sharp little executive. I almost asked him for some Grey Poupon once before catching myself. Jack "Square Deal" Tate looked just like a caricature of a used car salesman and I chuckled several times as he waddled past in his lime green shirt and outlandish plaid sport coat- lost in his own little world. What does he think about all day? I can't wait until he learns English.


Dylan said...

I would buy a car from Jack, he looks trustworthy.

MomZup said...

Best laugh I have had all day! Thanks.