Monday, March 02, 2009



alexae said...

Yea Josh, it's even a bit much for this Obama supporter.

Tate said...


barefootkangaroo said...

That was a new word for me, Joel, but if Wikepedia's exploration of the topic can be trusted it sums up nicely what I observed in the Children's section of Border's. Not pictured in this post were the multitudes of books, magazines and such in the adult section featuring the visage of the Great Leader and singing his praises.

According to Wikepedia-
"The term "hagiographic" has also come to be used as a pejorative reference to the works of those contemporary biographers and historians whom critics perceive to be uncritical and even "reverential" in their writing."

When I read this page in Borders I muttered under my breath "Oh, get a room!" If I were to sum up President Obama in a word it would be "misguided" at best.