Monday, March 02, 2009


After the ultrasound we needed to kill some time before dinner so we drove the kids over to a fountain that Sarah knew of in nearby Cathedral City. It was amazing! The entire fountain was purposefully designed to be climbed on by kids with conveniently placed rocks, handholds, and places to sit. It was even surrounded by a springy rubber ground covering that you sometimes find at playgrounds. The kids loved getting wet, climbing the fountain, and running around in the desert heat. I would have loved this fountain as a kid. It really is a poor man's water park.

This lizard was hemorrhaging alarming amounts of water.

The decision to visit the fountain was a spontaneous one, and as such we hadn't packed Bowden a change of vestments. We had a change of clothes on hand for Lucy and Jack because they are still prone to accidents, but Bowden had to make do with a pair of Lucy's pink sweatpants. It was a tad emasculating perhaps, but he bore it all with typical bonhommie.

I tied his pants to the roof of the van so they would dry out as we drove around in the desert air.


Katie, Dylan, Ada and Moses said...

i almost peed my pants reading this.

you tates crack me up.

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Liana said...

love it, love it.