Sunday, February 01, 2009


Tonight, while I was putting Bowden and Lucy to bed I noticed shadowy figures running back and forth on the roof in front of the window. I turned off the light and saw that a big lumbering raccoon was silhouetted against the edge of the roof. I went downstairs and got Sarah. We dug out a flashlight and went outside to get a better look. The scary thing was that they were absolutely unafraid of us. I think somebody must be intentionally feeding them. Sarah and I have been inadvertantly feeding them by leaving our trash out, but these raccoons were actually coming toward us when they saw us. As soon as we located them they came down the tree to meet us as though we were going to give them treats.

Sarah, my intrepid wife, was close enough to pet them while I hid behind her saying things like, "Oh Sarah, I think you're too close," or "Sarah! That thing is a wild animal! You shouldn't be so close."
Way too close!!!

Leave my trash alone you pesky varmints!


Roxanna/Aunt Roxanna/Aunt Roxie said...

too close indeed!!

sarah said...

I wasn't really that close. I had the camera on zoom.

But they were unafraid, and BIG.

and so so cute. Next time I'm going to cuddle up with one.

Liana said...

umm...they look WAY too close, although, they are kinda cute.
But yeh, too close, too close indeed.