Friday, January 30, 2009


It makes me angry and yet I recognize that it is my fault. Sarah and I often stick the trash bag outside the back door in the evening with the idea that the next person to head down to the trash trailer will haul it down there, but out of sight is sometimes out of mind. Sarah and I have been thus victimized dozens of times. Will this be the last? YES!!! My back porch is not some sort of wildlife feeding station.

Crash-boom! Raccoon!
Digging through the trash-
When the dogs are out
It's not so brash.


Spritely0 said...

I noticed the rake as we were leaving the other night. Now it makes sense.

Brian and I often fell victim to the Santa Cruz cousins of your attackers. I feel your pain. And the agony of picking up the nastiness that you thought you were rid of when you put it in the trash the first time.


sarah said...

I didn't even recognize some of the trash in there!
Those raccoons must bring some of their own, too.