Friday, February 06, 2009


When I first started discussing the possibility of pursuing some sort of formal Bible training with my friend, Tim, he advised me to do it after my kids are in bed so as not to take away time from them. That was some good advice, but were it not for coffee I would not be able to do it. On most nights I find that once I am done with my course work I am still riding a coffee high when I should be in bed. I know that my body can't do these late nights and early mornings indefinitely without begging relief through an ailment, but thus far it hasn't been too bad. The demands of my schedule have been tenderly mitigated by the mercies of coffee, a supportive wife, and lunch break naps.

Tonight I wrapped up my studies earlier than normal, but still fortified by three cups of coffee, my body refuses to shut down. I went for a walk. It's raining out- a nice soft drizzle. As I type, my fleece is still bejeweled from walking in the rain. I should be in bed. I'm going to bed.

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