Friday, February 06, 2009


Do you remember just a couple of short weeks ago when President Obama stood before the country and delivered his inauguration speech saying, “we have chosen hope over fear.” Obama was sanctimoniously referring to his oft stated belief that Bush used fear mongering to push the country into a misguided war in Iraq, and yet in a speech this week about the economic "crisis" he said, “If we drag our feet and fail to act, this crisis will turn into a catastrophe.” All week he had been pressuring lawmakers to approve his bailout plan expeditiously, and why the haste? I would suggest that Obama’s concern had less to do with the nation’s imminent financial collapse and more to do with the fact that the longer the bill was debated and available for public scrutiny the less popular it became. What a fear mongering hypocrite! Washington needed to resist the panicky bug-eyed-do-something-anything hastiness of this current administration, and take a more calm and measured approach to the current challenges. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Obama was “freaking out” like some kind of inexperienced lightweight. Quite the opposite- I think he was cool as a cucumber and through rhetoric he created the legislative equivalent of a stampede because that served his intended political purposes. And why is the bailout plan becoming increasingly unpopular? Because it is dangerously bloated, chock full of pork (the very pork which Obama railed against throughout the campaign), and it is not well designed to effect its own stated goals. I am vexed!


Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

For him to go from peddling "hope" bumper stickers to peddling such concentrated fear is truly a galling, and speedy, turn of events.

MomZup said...

I take it you are not a fan!!!