Sunday, September 28, 2008


So today was the much anticipated game between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. I projected the game onto a big screen, and some friends came over to watch. It ended up being quite the party, and despite Telemarketer Steve's gloomy prediction, Washington won!!! Happy Day!!! Hutela AmaDundar!!!

Zorn has redeemed himself, but I'm not ready to embrace the man totally.
Don't they look excited!!!
Sarah lookin' hot!!!


Andrew said...

I am not a 'Skins fan in the truest sense of the word. But with respect to the Tates and myself have no resentment in my heart toward them, I root for the team from DC.
I was pulling for them bigtime on Sunday as it fills my heart with joy at the sight of Dallas being brought to it's knees.
Go Redskins.
And if Dallas is truly "America's Team" then I must be in the wrong America.

barefootkangaroo said...

Atta boy, Andrew! You and yours are the one reason that I have one centilla of warmth in my heart towards the Patriots.