Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today we drove to Palm Springs for our weekly doctor's appointment for Baby Jack.

...but on the way down the twisty turny mountain road this one got car sick and threw up all over the place.

I whipped the car over onto the shoulder and cleaned out the car seat while Sarah cleaned and changed Lucy. Bowden peed on the side of the road, and Lucy laughed.

While sarah was finishing the cleaning job, I crossed the road and picked Lucy some pretty yellow flowers.

I gave them to her with a "hope you feel better," and a kiss on the forehead.

Sarah said that the reason Lucy threw up was because I was "driving too rough," and she declared that she was going to drive the rest of the way down the mountain.

That pissed me off a little.

I took the kids while Sarah went in to see the doctor. We just kind of drove all over Palm Springs looking for somewhere to buy some lysol, febreeze and stuff for Lucy's pukey car seat. We stumbled upon the "Hole in the Wall Welding Company," whose yard was peppered with an interesting assortment of sculptures. I instantly surmized that in order to do the place justice I would have to take way more pictures than my patience would allow me to download onto blogger. So I just took the following two of a huge spider. Notice how Lucy is wearing a winter hat in the hot glaring desert sun. I told her, "Lucy, it's hot out there. I don't think you want that hat on." She wouldn't leave the van without it though.

We also got out and ran around in the desert in front of this huge windmill field. It felt surreal like a scene out of a science fiction book or something. Especially with Bowden laughing and yelling "I'm a jack rabbit!" as he kipped through the sand and Lucy wearing her diaper, pink sweatshirt and winter hat smelling the crispiest, brownest desert shrub you ever saw and declaring that it was a flower.

"Does the flower smell good, Lucy?"

(nodding her head) "uh-huh"

(There was no flower.)

Then we found this park where we spent the rest of our time before Mommy called and said she was all done with the doctor. I was ready to leave the park because it was hot!!!!! Under the trees it was nice and shady, but I don't think bacteria could grow on that play equipment. It was hot enough to be sterile. The sun in the desert is a violent thing. Not a slow creeping thing. There is nothing subtle about it. It's a dropping hammer, a crushing weight, a fire eye.

We ate lunch at a very fancy Cheesecake factory before driving back up the mountain and through Garner Valley to home.

The kids fell asleep on the way home.

Sarah drove...just in case.



lisa d said...

i'm glad that i missed that fight. and the puking.

Sandy said...

I liked this play by play. Especially the pissed face.

Liana said...

I, too, enjoy the play by play.
Likely because, I can relate, LOL

What a neat "spider" - I also have similar pictures of the windmills while Jeff & I were out in CA. Isn't in funny how sci-fi it feels?

I KNEW that was a Cheesecake Factory, it looks almost identical to the one up here in Buffalo now.
My favorite one, though, would have to be the one in Chicago!

sarah said...

the argument is revisionist. we never fought at all. i said, "do you think i should drive?" and josh said yes, and then took a bunch of pictures of his least three. if i had known he was going to post them as a pissed face, i would have done something to make him angry...BUT I DIDN"T.

punk blogger husband. how's that for a fight?!

BarefootKangaroo said...

That is not at all how it went down!!!!! Too rough! My driving is smooth as chocolate milk!

sarah said...

shaken, not stirred.