Tuesday, May 22, 2007

JOURNAL 5/21/2007

Out the door at 8:20 am for our weekly pilgrimage to the baby doctor in Palm Springs. As usual, Lisa came as well in the capacity of baby sitter and fellow pilgrim. Sometimes you just need to get off the hill! The doctor appointment went well. Sarah gave them her birth plan, and made sure they added it to their file. Afterwards we ate out, and tried to go the Palm Springs Art Museum, but it was closed. While we were down there Lisa and sarah wanted to gop the mall, so I watched the kids in the play area while they walked around. Sarah didn't buy anything... it was just nice to walk around in a mall off the hill. Finished off a strawberry/rhubarb pie Sarah had made in the afternoon. Weather a little chilly in Idyllwild today... especially after being in the desert!

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