Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yesterday, it was warm enough that I spent the better part of the day working outside in short sleeves constructing a raised planter on the south side of our house for Sarah. She wanted the planter to plant flowers and such this spring. For weeks it has been glorious here in the San Jacinto Mountains. Lots of sun, plants budding, birds singing, etc...
...but today was a different story. Maybe I enraged Jack Frost by constructing the planter and dreaming about springtime things. Like he was saying, "How dare you plan for spring before I and my icy minion have struck our colors and surrendered the field."
It snowed pretty furiously for over an hour and it is still spitting out there. It will all probably melt tomorrow, and this weekend is supposed to be beautiful again.

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kelly v said...

It almost always snows on my birthday. On my seventh birthday it snowed three feet, and you thought it was spring.