Saturday, March 24, 2007


This was my dorm room my Sophomore year. My roommate that year was Tim Williams. Neither of us were particulalry neat and orderly. I credit Tim with saying the single funniest thing anybody has ever said to me. Like with most comedy you really had to be there to appreciate the context and comedic timing.

One morning when my alarm went off I sprang out of bed and made for the far edge of my desk where the alarm was precariously perched atop a styrofoam take out box. I went approximately 3 feet before my feet got tanlged up in the assorted clutter and down I went with a crash. Tim woke up, rolled over, looked at me and, without skipping a beat, said "short yardage gain."

Sarah and I at Munger brook behind the Lake House.

This picture was taken moments after Sarah and I got engaged, and subsequently kissed for the first time. That's why we were all smiles. It was a bitterly cold day in February. I asked her to marry me on Rock Dundar down below the house on the frozen lake shore. The lake was dotted with fishing shanties and parked pickup trucks, and a wind was howling off the lake and blowing Sarah's hair around. It was a nice kiss, and she was wearing the ring we had purchased through the proceeds of our partnership in the recycling business.

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Abigail said...

I love these pictures and the reminiscing. And, yes, she's hot.