Saturday, March 24, 2007


It came as no surprise to sarah when I asked her to marry me. We had been working together for a very long time to raise the money to purchase an engagement ring. Neither of us had any money- we were in college- so we raised money for the ring by collecting cans and bottles for their $.05 redemption value. Everyday after dinner we would walk through classrooms fishing cans and bottles out of trash cans. We would also collect redeemables after sporting events and such. Eventually, once word got around what we were doing ,I would wake up and find bags of recyclables outside of my door, which had been left there by anonymous nocturnal visitors.

Every week we would load Brown Car to the gills with stinky recyclables and drive to Jubilee Market in Fillmore. We would keep the growing sum in a metal box in my room. We raised approximately $650.00 solely from redeemables before we bought the ring.


Liana said...

I remember you guys doing this in college - and it really seems like yesterday! THEN, I look again & think, "Wow, you both look SO young!"
Time goes by too quickly!

Andrew Peck said...

That is simply amazing.