Sunday, February 04, 2007


If you had to choose one professional sports team (from any sport) to replace our government for a period of five years, which team would you choose?

All three branches of government would be taken over by the players and coaching staff of the team of your choice.

I say the Redskins.

After all they're already in Washington.


Cameo said...

think that your whole point for posting this question is so that you could say that you love the redskins so much that you would have them take over. I think you have crossed the line from the average fan to psycho one.

Pastor Michael Jordan said...

Tate--I don't think you're a psycho. I think you're wrong!

The Redskins would do nothing but ring up an even more exorbitant national debt. They would pay too to bring in world leaders well past their prime: $16 million over four years for Gorbachev, $25 million over six years for Margaret Thatcher, even a one-year, $4 million deal for the corpse of Winston Churchill.

john tate said...

I'm thinking the Anaheim Angels - you definitely want to go with Baseball on this one - nothing says effective government like obsessing with statistics.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

I'll say it: That was uncalled for, Jordan, even if it was Genius!

by professional I'm assuming you're thinking one of the teams from the 4 major sports, but since you didn't specify I will say a pro Crew team.
They work in complete concert with an executive on the shores watching from a distance.

There's only a few of them, so the government would remain small, and there's very little opportunity - from this spectator's viewpoint - for ego.

BarefootKangaroo said...


Why must you bring your powers observation to bear against those whom I love.

The skins are easy targets after last season, but that was just one disappointing year in the life of an outstanding franchise. Taken as a whole, and with the disappointing weight of their past accomplishments, the Eagles are nothing to brag about.

Perrenial losers? Is that fair?

Super Bowl Championships?

I want a winner in the halls of power- Joe Gibbs for President.

Mark Brunelle- Vice President

Clinton Portis- Secretary of State

Offensive Line- Senate

Defensive Line and Special Teams- Congress

Kickers- Supreme Court


Pastor Michael Jordan said...'re correct, Tate. Never have the Eagles won a Super Bowl. But of course the NFL is fixed to cause me maximum pain.

it's OK, though--the pain just drives me back to the Lord. :)


Steve said...

The Redskins would be a terrible choice if Dan Snyder was involved. I'm tempted to say the Yankees but they'd spend too much. So my choice is the Oakland A's. They get a lot done with minimal resources.

heidiann(e) said...

the harlem globetrotters.
i'd be so much more into politics then. everyone would. (and i don't care that you probaly don't consider them a professional team.)

sarah said...

cameo was never more right.

Cameo said...

thank you Sarah