Sunday, November 19, 2006


If you could only use one denomination of U.S. currency for the rest of your life, and every purchase had to be made with that denomination of currency (no checks, bank cards, etc...), which denomination would you choose?

You could always redeposit any change back into the bank, but you couldn't use it to make a purchase.


sarah said...

five dollar bills.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

A 10.

Most meals nowadays tend to come in at over 5, my gas is usually around 10 per stop.

I like the way 5's look but 10 gets the job done without nuking the transaction.

lisa d said...

i'm all about the twenty.

Hal said...

$2 bill

Steve said...

I'm going $20, or maybe even $50. Josh said EVERY transaction. The minor inconvenience of getting unspendable change at every meal is more than outweighed by not having to rent a car to buy a couch, a truck to buy a car, or five U-Hauls to buy a house. A $2 or a $5 would kill you.

BarefootKangaroo said...

I personally am going with the ten dollar bill.

sarah said...

you don't use cash for big amounts. i've never bought anything for more than 100 dollars in cash that i can think of, and that's rare. if i'm going to spend the big bucks, i check or credit card it...and if in this imaginary world we have bank accounts, then we have credit cards.
a dollar is too low, but five dollars gets you the small and medium without too much...counting? what are we trying to avoid? too much change?
five dollars.

Hal said...

5 u-hauls of $2 bills! That's exactly why i'm sticking with the $2. First, what fun and what a production of having to pay for some large ticket item. Second, it will make me think twice before paying for some large ticket item.

Steve said...

I thought he specifically ruled out credit cards when he said 'bank cards.' If not, that changes everything, because I use a credit card to pay for virtually everything anyway.

It might be kind of fun to bring in five U-Hauls of $2 bills, but I don't know what real estate agent you're going to convince to count them... And are there even that many $2s in circulation?

Chris said...

I say $1's. If you're going to go with the whole craziness of only getting one denomination, why not embrace the madness?

No credit cards. No checks! Wheelbarrow's and U-Hauls for big trips.

So actually... I take it back. Pennies. Nothing but pennies for me!

heidiann(e) said...

i'm going with the $5, too.
i'll probably never own enough to rent a u-haul anyway.
then bartering would make a comeback, too.

Liana said...

I would have to say the $10... because it's not too big & not too small. That, and the fact that change from a $10 wouldn't be too much.
Having to carry around a stack of ones would be too much.
$10 it would be.

Cyn said...

$20 dollar bill.
Thats all ATM's give out.
It would be a pain to have to stand in line at a bank and ask for another denom. all the time.
If ATM's gave out 10's I would pick it but they don't so I go with the 20.

BarefootKangaroo said...

Excellent point. I hadn't thought about that.