Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I held a press conference earlier today on Camp Maranatha's athletic field to announce the exciting news that the Widjiwats have decided to send troops to support the cause of liberty in Iraq, but nobody, not even the Idyllwild Town Crier, arrived to cover this exciting piece of breaking news. Of course, I credit that to the liberal bias in the media and to the fact that most people deny the existence of Widjiwats. Mostly liberal bias though.

Jarudet, the Widjiwat King, intends to send 325 of his best warriors and 13 trained battle crows to the troubled region beginning next month. A follow up force of 1000 may arrive as soon February 2007.

Men to the fore
It's war! It's war!
Hutela AmaDundar!

Take up your spear!
Our enemy's near!
Hutela AmaDundar!

Men show heart,
And do your part!
Hutela AmaDundar!

On to the fight!
Our cause is right!
Hutela AmaDundar!

As we go out
Rise up and shout
Hutela AmaDundar!

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