Monday, September 04, 2006

CPO BOX 1666

Just last week I began a correspondence campaign to send a letter a week to my former college post office box. I have been thinking about this for over a year now (as my wife can attest), and have been collecting a lot of strange/random/fascinating things to send to that lucky boxholder. I was wondering if anyone out there in the blogosphere was planning to be in the Houghton area around Christmas time. If so, I would mail you some CPO box sized Christmas decorations to adorn said box with. I unfortunatrely will not be in the area, but would appreciate an assist.

The only thing that's a little disconcerting is not knowing if anyone is currently using that box. Is all my effort just ending up in the dead letter office? Plus, does the recipient think he/she is being stalked by some weirdo? Am I a weirdo? I think on the next letter I will give me name and return address. No longer will I operate from the shadows.


rosie said...

yes, you are a weirdo. But I think that they might like it, if houghton has not changed too much.

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

I imagine that with the glut of new students they are using every box available and probably even asking roommates to share.

I sent a series of 6 letters once (which in college) to all of the boxes surrounding mine - thanking them for the support.

The people I knew very much enjoyed it. Mail is mail.

I've never gotten a piece of mail I didn't adore and in college...especially.