Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sarah is a fanatic about observing birthdays. She really goes all out to make you feel special on your birthday- wether you want it or not!!! This year she arranged babysitting (special thanks to Lisa Richard and Katie Bayer for stepping up the challenge) so we could go out on the town- just the two of us (The last time that happened was the night Miles was conceived. Josh! Did you really write that?!?! Shut up, inner voice!). She also made me whoopie pies (photo above) as well as a bunch of my other favorite foods. The kids all bought me different colored rabbit pelts. Yep, it's true, rabbit pelts, and they also manufactured numerous scribbly drawings, which kept coming all day until the pockets of my blue jeans were filled to bursting with their crumpled and tattered offerings. I would have posted a picture of the rabbit pelts but they will be making an appearance in an upcoming installment of "Arts and Crafts with Josh Tate," so don't worry- you'll see them then. Just as I thought the day was winding down, a trip over to Lisa's house to pick up the kids turned into a surprise birthday party! I was really surprised too.

Here we are on our date (I look like I'm scheming something evil). Check out Sarah's "date sweater." That's the sweater she wore on our first date (also at an Idyllwild eatery) all those many years ago. She's hot.


MomZup said...

I am amazed that she still has that sweater. Great pictures and wonderful looking whoopie pie. . .much better than the disastrous ones I made in October. Hope your package comes soon.

Sandy said...

Yeah she really is.

Totally remember that sweater, too.
Happy birthday, by the way... outside of facebook, I mean.

Anonymous said...

Life is good!

Tate Family said...

Happy Birthday!

The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

Your wife is hot in that sweater! And oh so sweet to keep and wear that dated old thing.

I don't know where to start here: night out on the town, the conception of Miles, whoopie pie....it's all just so.....lovey-dovey.

And yes, you would have loved to have known my Grandpa. He's a guy worth knowing.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!