Friday, December 11, 2009


Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine who used to work in the movie biz, and has aspirations of returning to it at some point. I was telling him that, in my opinion, the best acted film I had ever watched was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Glengarry Glen Ross. Then I had to give the normal caveat, which I have to bring up every time I recommend the movie- "...but there is a lot profanity." The movie is a real gem, brilliantly written dialogue, which is perfectly executed by an all-star cast including the likes of Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, Jack Lemon, Al Pacino, and Alan Arkin. If you have never seen the movie and you like dark, introspective, dialogue-driven films this is a must see, but I must warn you, there is a lot of profanity. In fact on youtube I found a video which poses the question who utters the most obscenities in the film (warning: Not surprisingly, the youtube video contains a lot of profanity. In fact, almost nothing but.). For some reason, they omit Arkin's profanity laced contribution even though his profane utterances outnumber Spacey's (who is low man on the swearing totem pole). The award goes to Ed Harris who drops 67 obscenities, most of which include the f-bomb, but Alec Baldwin's profanity laced cameo as a motivational speaker from hell (aka Mitch and Murray, downtown) goes down in my memory as one of the most memorable moments in all of cinema. I just wish there wasn't so much swearing.

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Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

No finer scene in all of film than Baldwin's masterpiece, and in their quiet circles I'm sure all actors agree.

And unqualified masterpiece.