Sunday, December 13, 2009


SUGAR!!! Last night, some of our good friends came over to help us decorate our gingerbread castle. Josh and Emily, of course, Marin Campbell, and Chris and Katie Bayer. They all did an awesome job. They're all very creative people. Of course, after eight o'clock or so we were all suffering from the fuzzy tooth and slipping dangerously close to a sugar coma.
Our friends from Beijing, Joel and Chris White came over for dinner but left just as the decorating began to catch a movie in town. It was fun having them over for dinner, although Joel's inspection of my Bobberball setup made me a little uncomfortable.

It was a lot of fun, as usual, with lots of laughing and admiring each others creativity.
Here are some pics of the finished product.

Thanks guys! It just wouldn't be Christmas without a Gingerbread Castle Party. Check out the Gingerbread Castle action from last year here.

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MomZup said...

I looked but I could not see a plunger attached to any of the castle windows? Tradition is tradition, after all. What on earth could possibly top this next year?