Thursday, November 12, 2009


No other team in the NFL has introduced more helmet designs than the Washington Redskins. Below are some examples, but even this is not an exhaustive list;

Ken Carbone, a graphic designer who writes for Fast Company magazine, has deemed the Redskins' helmet design among the weakest in the NFL. (You Pecks may be interested to know that he was least impressed with the Patriot's design.) I am becoming somewhat habituated to seeing my beloved redskins near the bottom of categories, lists, and statistics. It's depressing. I have personally decided that his judgment is somewhat suspect as he gives the award for best helmet to the Bengals. I know!!! Seriously? The Bengals? You can check out his article here. What do you think? Is it time? Below is the hypothetical new helmet for the Skins-

My boy, Matt Terl, over at the Redskins official blog thinks it's "kinda awesome." I don't know. I guess I don't see the need for a change. The hypothetical new Patriots Helmet is simply atrocious, but his proposed design for the Buccaneers helmet looks like an improvement to me.


Steve said...

I like that new Skins helmet a lot.

john tate said...

The Redskins have the best logo going. That personage on the helmet comes off as both regal and fierce. What's wrong with an august design? For the record - I also like the design of the Bears, Forty-niners, and Steelers. On the other hand - the Seahawks get-up is a tire fire for real. I also feel badly for Bengal, Dolphin, Raven, and Jaguar fans.