Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Since I'm still hoping to finagle an invitation to Josh's highly selective Monday Night Football party on the 26th, I must remain a bit circumspect -- but I can say this about his beloved Washington Redskins. They are The! Very! First! team in NFL history to play every single one of their first six games against a winless opponent.

Loss, 17-23, at New York Giants (0-0)
Win, 9-7, St. Louis Rams (0-1)
Loss, 14-19, at Detroit Lions (0-2)
Win, 16-13, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3)
Loss, 17-20, at Carolina Panthers (0-4)
???, ??-??, Kansas City Chiefs (0-5)

If the pattern holds, the Skins should absolutely win at home this Sunday -- 14-10, let's say, in a game boasting a combined five turnovers and fewer than 500 yards of total offense.

You heard it here first!

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