Saturday, October 31, 2009


I know that the lake views in the following posts are repetitious, uninteresting and nearly devoid of people. In general, I understand that photos sans human subject are not very interesting, but I am posting these lake views more for my benefit than for yours so bear with me. This whole excercise of posting my vacation pictures is more in the interests of documenting my time in VT so I can revisit it later when I am pining for family, the 802, and Lake Champlain. They are not truly designed to pique your interest, although some of you will find them interesting. So until I get this out of my system, bear with me.


Tricia said...

Love it!!! Hopefully sometime you will see something similar on "Nothing New Under the AZ Sun", that is if you don't mind me working off of your photos.

barefootkangaroo said...

Outstanding! We stopped by St Albans and I thought of you guys.

Tricia said...

Who knows what St Albans has in store for all of us!