Friday, October 02, 2009


Here are my two little athletes heading out the door for an afternoon of intense, don't-come-home-if-you-lose, competition. Lucy plays for the Lions- a name which I am only just now able to utter in an unaffected voice. Don't you think she is just darling- especially the way the stripe on her shirt continues down into her left sock. Sarah is the coach of Bowden's team, the Hawks. Bowden also hurts my heart a little when I see him all suited up and ready to go. You may recognize the Hawk's color scheme as one that is near and dear to the greater Tate confederacy. Sarah, as coach, picked out the color scheme. I have been trying to convince her to withhold love as a coaching tool, but so far she hasn't taken my advice. I can't be too critical of her coaching style however as the kids seem to be responding positively to it.
Yeah, that ball is pink. You gotta problem with that?

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