Friday, September 25, 2009


I know! Another football post is threatening to push your patience beyond its normal limits. I know that most of you (my readers) don't consider yourselves fans of the sport, and you have been kind enough to continue checking in here at this remote outpost of cyberspace despite the obnoxiously high percentage of football-related posts recently. I promise to cut back. Thank you for your patience.

Here is something I am learning about myself. I am not a very decisive person. This is why I avoid Coldstone Creamery, and this is also why I always order the same things at restaurants even though I am intrigued by other options on the menu. Paralysis by analysis is a real problem with me. So for you football fans out there among my readership I am seeking a little fantasy football advice. I am afflicted by indecision.

Who would you play this weekend:

Quarterback Controversy- Jay Cutler (Bears @ Seahawks) vs. Jason Campbell (Redskins @ Lions). So far Cutler appears to have the greater Fantasy Value, but c'mon the skins are going up against the anemic Lions. What would you do?

Running Back Dilemna- I have four running backs, but I can only play two. Who would you play? Clinton Portis (Redskins @ Lions), Matt Forte (Bears @ Seahawks), Felix Jones (Cowboys vs. Panthers) and Leon Washington (Jets vs. Titans). Barber is hurt in Dallas and is expected to see only limited play time if he sees the field at all, and last week Jones got nearly 100 yards on only 9 carries. With an expanded role he could be a fantasy stud this week. Matt Forte hasn't done very well in hsi first two games, but those were against the Packers and the Steelers. He could be truer to form against a softer defense in Seattle. Clinton Portis has also been underperforming, and he is a little dinged up (listed as probable), but he could have a field day against an anemic Detroit defense. I am not really considering Leon Washington. I don't know what to do!!!


steve said...

Cutler is the better player, especially for fantasy, but I wouldn't give your quarterback troubles to a monkey on a rock.

Running backs are a much happier dilemma for you. And the right answer this week has to be Forte (who has the talent to start every week) and Jones (who has a solid role on that team even when Barber plays, but should be great without him, especially considering DAL leads the league in rushing).

Eventually, to succeed in fantasy football, one has to suppress one's urges to select players from one's favorite team. I often sit guys when they play the Jets, but I try not to draft Jets. A poor performance is a double disappointment, like a thief who steals your stuff AND befouls your bathroom.

john tate said...

Hey Josh - when I was playing fantasy a couple years ago I found that it was best to start the quarterback whose team will likely be in a dogfight or behind the entire game and the running back whose team will likely have the game in hand. Teams that are winning a game start running all the time to drain clock and such and teams that are behind are throwing all the time. I would play Portis and Cutler. I bet Washington beats Detroit handily.