Friday, August 21, 2009


This is a big hit (pun intended) with my friends here on Camp Maranatha's Summer Staff. All you need is a couple buckets filled with rotten produce, aluminum bats, and some friends.
Melons are the best!
These are those brave souls who have stuck it out into August. Our staff was once quite a bit bigger, but these are the hardy remnant. The idea for the fruit smashing party was born from the ashes of my "five minute dance party." I am always looking for ways to make General Clean Up more fun and enjoyable. At the close of a long week of service the staff must then clean the entire camp before the next group arrives. This is the equivalent of running a marathon with the last mile up a steep hill. So I try and come up with different ways to make General Clean Up days fun. The Five Minute Dance Party was best described as "awkward and weird," so I went back to the drawing board and came up with this gem of an idea which has truly been a big hit (pun intended again).

Check out Kristin's protective gear.
Smashing Fruit is surprisingly taxing.


Mom 8X said...

That looks like great fun! Thanks for the video clips.

sarah said...

You're so supportive!

Tate said...

I want to be a staff guy again! The only fun I remember having on general clean up involved watching Tim Lay with a mop. It was an epic battle and always a question as to which of the two would win. But the winner was never Tim or the mop. The dirt always won.
By the way, what is that on Nathaniel's arm? Are those stitches?