Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I thought to myself- if God created us to know Him, and scripture is clear that this is His desire, why did He choose to create man with such a limited ability to do that?

Then I wondered if our limited ability to understand God was a matter of design or a consequence of the fall, or a third possibility- a matter of design exacerbated by the fall.

Maybe I am off course though- too focused on man and his limits- my view of God not big enough.

Then... maybe God is so big, so deep, so high, and so wide that He is completely without borders. There is no limit or end to Him. We could never tire of such a God in eternity or exhaust the limits of His newness. He could have created man with twice or a hundred times the capacity and we would be no nearer to His equal. Such depth! Even the word, "depth" falls short because it implies a bottom. Our created words fail to capture the creator.

My view of God was not, is not, big enough, and just as a teacup cannot contain the ocean, my finite mind cannot envelop this infinite God.


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