Monday, June 01, 2009


I am kind of cheating in this installment as this swing does not technically belong to us. Back during the summer of 1996 the log house where we now reside was the girl's staff house and then, as now, the swing was on the front porch. It was on this very swing that I first confessed my love to Sarah Paulson as we were talking and swinging on a sunny summer afternoon.

Neither of us would have guessed on that day in 1996 that I would use that very swing to rock our kids to sleep, and that the porch of the girl's staff house would some day be littered with our childrens' toys.


The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

This one is so sweet, I love it. You should take the swing with you when you go. It holds so many memories.

Katie, Dylan, Ada and Moses said...

Forget the swing. Just take the porch.