Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MY SHOES UPDATE- They're droppin' like flies!!!

On Saturday I was lifeguarding here at Camp Maranatha when I noticed that a little girl was drowning in the deep end. She was going under so I jumped in and as I hit the water the strap on my beloved flip-flops gave out and separated from the rest of the sandal. That means that my choice of footwear is restricted now to two pairs of boots, one of which has never been featured on "my shoes." That will be coming soon.

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Tate said...

Are you serious? Was it deliberate?
What sort of narrative is this?

"I was walking through the woods and came across a pack of wolves circling around a lost child. The wolves were growling from deep in their throats and the child clutched a stick in both hands. Knowing I had to do something, I reached in my backpack for the taser I keep there. But while hurriedly unzipping the backpack the little tab on the zipper came off. So I'm going to have to get a new backpack I guess. And that's my story."

What happened to the girl, Josh? Come on.