Thursday, May 07, 2009


With Jack under the weather, Sarah stayed home and Lucy and I went out to cheer on our beloved Dodgers as well as our favorite player- #7 Bowden Tate.

There's Bowden in the "ready position" near the center of the photo.
Bowden seems to be enjoying baseball more than soccer. It's a better fit for him. He really likes hitting the ball. Each kid gets four chances to hit the ball without using the T. If they fail to connect one of those times then they bring the T. Bowden has only needed the T once out of four at bats.That's pretty good.
Swiiiing batta, batta, batta, batta, batta, SWIIING!
"Bring it home, Bowden!!!!"

"I'm hungry!" "I'm thirsty!" "I'm tired!" "I need to use the potty!" "When will this be over?" "Can we go now?" "Daddy!!!"
"Be patient, goose."

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