Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, the Tates took an unscheduled trip to the Emergency Room in Palm Springs because I was concerned that Sarah had broken her ankle. She was stepping out of the van and landed very wrong, rolling her ankle, and she heard two snaps. Sarah is a tough cookie with a high tolerance for pain who doesn't tend to complain much so I was pretty concerned. She was really hurting.
The kids and I are not strangers to the grassy hill outside of the hospital because it is where our last baby doctor was. We played out in the 100+ degree heat while we were waiting for Mommy to be seen.
It seemed like the incident with Mommy's ankle really troubled Jack. He was bereft and pitifully kept asking for Mommy. He loves his Mommy.
Bowden was mostly glad to be reunited with the grassy hill.
This was a picture of the sky- no clouds and lots of sun- it was hot, hot, hot! My kids started to look a little wilted so I reluctantly took them back into the waiting room where they laid their hands on many unwholesome surfaces and where Jack absconded with an Arizona Iced Tea which had been abandoned in a corner, no doubt by a carrier of horrific communicable diseases. They all learned how to work the hand sanitizer mounted on the wall.
They didn't seem to mind that the TV was muted. We typically don't let them watch Spongebob Squarepants, but I made an exception because Mr. Squarepants kept the raccoons centrally located and away from the aforementioned Arizona Iced Tea, discarded band-aids, and other sundry surfaces of questionable sanitation. Take note of the discarded surgical mask on the floor to the right of Lucy.

The X-ray showed that nothing was broken. Thank you, Lord! Sarah is still in a bad way though. She can't put any weight on her right foot, and walking is completely out of the question. It looks pretty swollen, and nasty, and it hurts a lot. She isn't one to complain though, but a couple of times I have walked in on her and found her crying from the pain. That is very unusual for Sarah who has a higher tolerance for pain than most (and way higher than mine). I think she also feels bad for me having to do all the stuff she typically does. I tell her that's ridiculous, but she still feels bad. Poor, Sarah.


MomZup said...

Sarah, I am so sorry you are in such discomfort. Keep that ankle elevated (above the level of your heart!) Let everyone wait on you. Wish you were here on this cruise with me!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember that twisted/broken/wounded ankles are like babies on the way - every one is different! Feel the way you feel, ignore the advice you no doubt Did Not Ask For, take the advice that will help. Know that this is His way to make you slow down & enjoy the hormones, and love your family in kaleidescope around you. oh, and "Poor baby, poor baby, feel better" Love ya, Karen V