Monday, May 11, 2009


This was Target's last chance. I purchased my last two pair of sneakers from there and they were both dismal failures. So why give them a third chance? I didn't exactly. Last week, Sarah surprised me with these "boat shoes," as we call them, when she returned from a shopping sortie to Hemet. With very little depth in my footwear line up (I'm basically down to my flip-flops and a pair of old boots) I have been planning to purchase a new pair of sneakers sometime soon, but Sarah thoguht I should have these to to complement the sneakers.
I was disheartened to discover today that my new pair of boat shoes are separating from their sole in typical target fashion. It's a shame. I was starting to like them. I think it's time to drop some coin on a new pair of kicks- the kind that will last more than a week. I'm done with Target!!!

In other shoe news, the State Street Shoes were unceremoniously discarded today as a crack in their faux leather widened. I am having an unprecedented streak of bad luck with my footwear.

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sarah said...

maybe it's because you pull them apart at the seams to look at them. nobody else does that.
and I told that that these were just for church and sometimes, and you've been wearing them NONSTOP. I'm taking them back.