Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm going to begin making a real effort to move away from politics here on the ol' bloggerooski. Not because I'm not a political animal- far from it- I love talking politics, and I remain as committed to my conservative political principles (and to ousting the current administration) as ever, but I am trying to remain true to the promise I made on November 5th to make this blog a "bummer free zone." Most talk of politics is laden with bummers. Plus, doesn't it seem that Christianity is altogether too entangled with right wing politics in America these days? That's troubling. I am a supporter of the GOP, it's true, and I consider myself in the loyal opposition to President Obama. As a thoughtful citizen of this great republic I have done my duty in weighing the two parties and their attendant philosophies of governance and policy positions. I have also chosen that party, the republicans, which I am most in agreement with. My role as an ambassador of Christ transcends all of that though, and in the spirit of being all things to all people I have decided to tone down the political rhetoric in this venue. Toning down doesn't mean shutting up entirely though. Occasionally, I may have to mount the soap box here in my quiet corner of the blogsphere to spout off about this or that.

This is one of those times. The conclusions I draw in this post are less than scientific. I doubt Mr. Gallup would embrace them as statistically sound, but I observed something today that makes me wonder if there is a sea change in the public's perception of the Obama administration. A few months ago, I would estimate that about every tenth car or so here in So. Cal. boasted an Obama bumper sticker. They were everywhere! Today I drove home from Oxnard to Idyllwild. That's a drive that takes over three hours on some of California busiest freeways. I laid my eyes on literally thousands of automobiles, sweeping their rear windows and bumpers with half an eye, looking for some sign of a kindred spirit- maybe a fish or a faded Bush/Cheney 08.

Guess how many Obama bumper stickers I saw in all of that driving? On all those bumpers? Over all those miles? In California?


That's right Z-E-R-O, a big fat goose egg!!!

I couldn't believe it. By the time we got to Pasadena I was really looking hard, scanning the bumper to bumper traffic with disbelief. Thousands of cars! Maybe they were all protesting somewhere, or maybe they were all so true to their convictions that they turned in their automobiles for more eco-friendly bicycles and such. I think that's unlikely though.

So, where did they go? Or, perhaps more importantly, why did they go?

From pop-music to hair styles to politics, Californians have always been sensitive to the life cycle of trends. After a trend has peaked it's time to move on. Again, I know it's not scientific or anything but I think there is a real possibility that California is saying that Obama is "soooooo two months ago."

Sea change? I hope so. I hope too that it's more than just Obama fatigue, but a genuine awakening to the fact that this man and his policies are simply bad for America.

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Tate said...

Last week I saw two cars in Rutland who had Palin stickers. One sticker was a Palin 2012 and the other was a McCain/Palin sticker with the McCain cut off. I was pleased. Two Palin stickers in Rutland in one week is actually a lot.