Thursday, April 02, 2009


If you had to replace President Obama with a member of his cabinet who would you tap for the highest job in the land?


john tate said...

That's a tough one - Gates I suppose.

steve said...

Gates would be my choice too, but he's too easy since he was a Bush holdover. Of people Obama was first to nominate, I would choose:

1--Geithner (Treasury)
2--Gen. Shinseki (VA)
3--Salazar (Interior)

I don't much like LaHood (the token Republican). Clinton's sixth or seventh. Biden is right around dead last.

Tate said...

It's a very intriguing question. Gates is too easy, I agree. I think I would choose Biden, though. He is transparently an idiot, but that's the quality I'm counting on. The republic can survive idiots. It's the ambitious and appealing Manchurian candidates who pose us the greatest threat.
My sense is that a "President" Biden would be assigned some nannies whose job it would be to keep him from pushing the wrong buttons while he "did his work" around an oval office in which all the sharp corners had been sanded down and child protection caps had been inserted into all the outlets. It would be a caretaker presidency until the next election.
I don't wish President Obama any harm, but that's a scenario I would like to see.

Chad said...

Could I replace him with a literal cabinet?